Photo by Ryan Hodnett – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Lake Erie posts record high water levels for August

A month after Lake Erie hit its highest water levels ever, it continued to break records.

The lake saw a record high level for the mont of August while Lake Superior tied its record for the month, according to the Windsor Star. In July, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario had higher water levels than they had ever hit in recorded history.

A new report by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers showed Lake Erie surpassed previous record high water levels for the month of August from 1986. The month’s monthly average water level was 175.02 metres.

Despite being a few inches lower than July, James Bryant, a water resources engineer with the Essex Region Conservation Authority, told the Windsor star there is still a threat of flooding and erosion in areas around the lakes.

“It has gone down a little bit but even with that drop, it’s still above the monthly record highs,” he said. “It hasn’t dropped enough to get below the old ’86 record highs. We’re not out of the woods yet because this is the time of year you get those heavy rain falls.”

The Army Corps said the high water levels will likely last into the early winter and the ERCA has extended a flood watch for the area until the end of September. report noted that Great Lakes precipitation for August was 25 per cent below average.