McDonald’s tells Alberta restaurant to stop serving ‘Effing Filet O’Fish’ burger

Alberta's Woodshed Burgers received a formal cease and desist via e-mail from McDonald’s suggesting its burger…

Calgary’s wild turkey roams free this Thanksgiving

While many turkeys were stuffed and served around Thanksgiving dinner tables this weekend, Ramsay's Internet famous…

Snow and cold front to hit southern Alberta

Southern regions of the province are expected to receive 10 to 25 centimetres of snow, according…

Southern Alberta receives early snow dump

More snow for western Canada!

Alberta county declares agricultural disaster over excessive rain

The municipality says excessive moisture from non-stop rain has left most major crops unharvested.

WWE personality films staged confrontation with RCMP officer

Lacey Evans, a WWE personality, admitted that a video of her throwing a tantrum at an…

Alberta beekeepers dealing with low honey yields after cold, wet summer

Alberta beekeepers said they were below their three-year average with their honey crop in a recent…

Ontario woman finds shoe twin for mismatched feet

Jessica Gray discovered that another woman in Calgary has the same foot issue.

Calgary woman discovers she’s half siblings with hairstylist

Andrea Quint Fleck and her hairstylist, Troy Winget, found out they were half siblings through separate…

Edmonton experiences second rainiest summer on record

The city’s 55 days of rain from June until August was the second highest recorded amount…

Rain delaying harvest for some Alberta farmers

Edmonton-area farmers have been experiencing a delay in their harvest from constant summer rain.

Wet weather causing Aphid infestation in Calgary

Warm, wet weather in Calgary has created conditions for aphids to thrive and multiply.