Winnipeg zoo goes digital to reduce risk of COVID-19 spread

The conservancy’s animal care professionals will take to Facebook to feature live educational videos on animals…

Manitoba man dodges deportation after faking his own kidnapping

Yang Xi, was spared a criminal conviction that would have resulted in being deported to China.

City of Winnipeg has already started to prepare for major spring flooding

The city said it's preparing for major flooding as a precaution.

Manitoba man charged with arson after putting shoes inside oven

A 48-year-old man caused a fire last week after putting his shoes inside an oven while…

Manitoba man tracks down sender of 1985 message in bottle

Dennis Anderson found the bottle while he was on a boat in Libau, Man. in 2011.

Winnipeg’s fall snowstorm to cost city $10 million

A recent report anticipates the city will spend $10 million to address the October snowstorm.

A Manitoba man put an unconscious coyote he hit in his car… it later woke up

The driver hit the coyote Wednesday while he was on his way to work, but felt…

Winnipeg man breaks 18 year no-pants pledge after Blue Bombers claim Grey Cup

Chris Matthew broke his 18 year no-pants streak after his Winnipeg Blue Bombers won a CFL…

Manitoba football fan goes 18 years and counting without wearing pants

Chris Matthew hasn’t worn pants for 18 years and he will continue this trend until his…

Manitoba man loses court case over ‘ASIMIL8’ licence plate

Since 2017, Nick Troller has been trying to get back his personalized 'ASIMIL8' licence plate.

Manitoba farmers without crop insurance struggle through weather

In Manitoba, a producer must have three acres of the same crop. Otherwise, there is no…

Manitoba residents brace for flooding amid snowstorm aftermath

The province issued an advisory on Sunday for lakes within Whiteshell Provincial Park and for rivers…