Montreal trainer uses toilet paper in viral home workout video

Jason Altidor posted a home workout video using toilet paper over Instagram that has amassed more…

Quebec couple finds frog inside green pepper

Nicole Gagnon and Gérald Blackburn discovered the frog inside the green pepper last weekend.

Quebec men set world record for oyster eating in one sitting

The four men consumed 984 oysters in 27 minutes last week.

Montreal Harry Potter fans feel scammed by wizarding event

A number of Harry Potter fans were let down after they paid more than $50 per…

Quebec woman charged with manslaughter after killing friend over case of beer

Francine Vallée pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter in connection with the death of…

Communities struggling to rebuild nearly one year after Ottawa-Gatineau tornado

New building codes and destruction delays have posed a challenge to residents trying to rebuild their…

Quebec man sentenced for million-dollar lobster theft

A judge recently sentenced a Quebec man to two years in prison for his role in…

Quebec cheese makers break record for world’s largest poutine

La Fromagerie du Presbytère made a poutine that weighed 3,038 kilograms.

U.S. customs seizes 3,500 Christmas elves from Canada

Around 3,500 'Elf Hatching Eggs', were snatched up due to improper documentation.

Grilled cheese is killing seniors in Quebec

Quebec's health department is reconsidering whether to serve the dish in its senior care facilities after…

Ontario, Quebec to see cooler temperatures in August as west will heat up

Parts of Ontario and Quebec will see unseasonably cool temperatures in early August.

Treasure hunts coming to six Canadian cities this summer

Treasure hunters could win up to $100,000.