Charlie before being reunited with his owner. Screenshot from Town of Morris Facebook page.

Lost dog from U.S. shows up in Manitoba after two-year disappearance

A lost dog from the U.S. that scampered away into Canadian more than two and a half years ago has finally been reunited with his American owner.

Charlie, a crossbreed between a pug and a miniature American Eskimo escaped his home in Grand Forks, N.D., ending up the rural town of Morris, Man., more than 160 kilometres away.

His owner, Catherine Herzog told the CBC that after Charlie disappeared she called police, shelters, kennels and vets in the area, but had no luck locating him.

“Weeks turned into months and months turned into years, and we’d never heard anything, so we had assumed that either he had frozen to death or got hit by a plow or a car,” she said.

In Morris, when residents became aware of Charlie, they began posting in a community Facebook group about his whereabouts over the past two years, according to one resident, Angie Prince-Smoke.

“Many posts were in the wintertime because everyone was concerned of his safety,” she said. “So everybody was posting ‘whose dog is this? We can’t catch him. I’ve tried to lure him in.'”

Earlier this week Charlie was finally caught in a coyote trap set up by local animal control services.

He was then taken to an animal boarding kennel in the Morris area where staff traced him back to his owners using the identification tags on his collar.

When they called Herzog, she made her way across the border to Manitoba.

“We’ve missed that sweet little face of his,” she told the CBC. “He was my little buddy. And he was always kind of frail, so it’s amazing that he made it this long in the wild.”

She added that she’s looking forward to bringing him back home and is thankful that the residents of Morris watched over her dog.