Oceanside RCMP photo.

Lost your cocaine stash? The RCMP may have found it

Have you misplaced your cocaine?

B.C. RCMP officers confiscated a package of the white stuff that had been left behind at a grocery store in Parksville this week.

According to a press release from the Oceanside detachment, an employee at the store grocer stumbled upon a suspicious looking bag on the floor of an aisle Wednesday.

After police were called to the store, they seized the package and tested it. They discovered it contained 3.6 grams of cocaine.

“If you are in the habit of dropping significant quantities of cocaine in very public places, consider attending the Oceanside RCMP detachment as we sure would like to talk to you,” a press release said.

Police said that it was lucky that the substance didn’t end up in the hands of a child.