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Mac the Moose takes back 'world's tallest' title with fresh set of antlers
Photo credit: Real Mac the Moose Facebook.

Mac the Moose takes back ‘world’s tallest’ title with fresh set of antlers

A prominent public figure in Moose Jaw, Sask. has reclaimed his title.

Mac the Moose, a beloved steel and concrete moose sculpture in the prairie town, is once again the tallest moose statue in the world.

Mac received a fresh set of antlers Tuesday that gave him a height boost and allowed him to surpass Norway’s Storelgen– another moose statue that was proclaimed the world’s tallest after being built in October 2015.

In January, Moose Jaw discovered that Stor-Elvdal’s silver moose outshone Mac by 30 centimetres. This finding began a playful feud between the two towns that garnered international media attention.

But then Tourism Moose Jaw began scheming on how they could make Mac the tallest in the land again. This is how his new headpiece came to be.

A local taxidermist Rion White built the height boosting antlers. He estimates they’re about two by three metres in size.

White told the Canadian Press that it took longer than he expected to make Mac’s antlers, which was why the moose was left bald since June.

“We’re building this giant, world-record rack,” he said. “That was the biggest challenge … this isn’t something people do everyday.”

White added that he airbrushed layers of epoxy on Mac’s antlers to create depth, but still has to put last minute details on the rack before today’s grand reveal.

“It’s important to do it right,” he said. “It’s been way more work than I wanted, but now it’s up. I’m super proud and I can drive by this highway all the time and say, ‘I had a part of that.”‘