Man shares Vancouver cab ride horror story

A Vancouver man who needed a quick ride seven blocks to a hotel ended up on a 35-minute cab ride across three bridges.

The man took to Reddit recently to share his ordeal.

He had decided to get a cab from a restaurant, as he had a sprained ankle. The man, known as NoMoreSecretsIsMyPwd on Reddit, said he already had an ordeal finding a cab for him and his two drunk friends. He ended up having to stand in front of a yellow cab that was dropping off another fare.

When they finally got into a cab, the man turned on a GPS tracker on his phone, having heard that cab drivers in Vancouver had a reputation for “taking people for a ride.” The driver took them across three different bridges, into and out of downtown a number of times.

He said he spoke up when the driver started going over the bridges. The driver waived him off once while he was on the phone and claimed he was avoiding construction when he went over the other.

Thank You Yellow Cab for the unnecessary 35 minute scenic tour Saturday night to our hotel 7 blocks away from r/vancouver

When they eventually got to the hotel, the fare on the metre was $65. The man said he offered the driver $10.

“He threatened to call the police,” the man wrote on Reddit. “I showed him the GPS tracking app and scam he tired [sic] to pull. He drove off.”

The man said he filed complaints with the cab company, as well as Vancouver police and consumer protections websites. But he said he doubted there would be any repercussions for the driver.