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Manitoba dad's LEGO video of Prime Minister goes viral
Screenshot, Youtube, Tyler Walsh.

Manitoba dad’s LEGO video of Prime Minister goes viral

A Manitoba dad’s creative take on a press conference held by the Prime Minister has been one of the latest COVID-19 era creations to take the internet by storm.

Tyler Walsh, a digital and content marketing manager, told the Canadian Press that he was working on a LEGO stop-motion video when he thought about how he could replicate the project using a recent speech Justin Trudeau gave addressing children.

The Winnipeg resident’s viral video includes a 90-second soundbite from the PM’s March 22 press briefing. In the clip, a bearded LEGO- version of Justin Trudeau can be seen as he acknowledges the changes Canadian kiddos are experiencing during this tough time and thanks them for staying home.

The video now has 371,000 views on Twitter alone since Walsh posted it April 5.

He said that he’s received many positive messages from parents who showed their kids the video. Prime Minister Trudeau also tweeted in response to thank Walsh for his work.

Walsh added that he’s had educators reaching out him about his content.

“Teachers and teaching assistants (are) asking if they can use the video to post on some of those online platforms that kids are learning from right now,” he said. “So they’re using it as an education tool and a messaging tool, which is really neat.”

But the most important highlight, Walsh added, was capturing LEGO’s attention after the company retweeted him this week.

“That made my year,” he said.