Photo by Scott Van Hoy, Unsplash.

Manitoba man tracks down sender of 1985 message in bottle

It only took him nine years, but a Manitoba man has finally found the sender behind a mysterious message in a bottle he found in 2011.

According to CBC News, Dennis Anderson saw the bottle while he was on a boat in Libau, Man.

“I’d been lucky, even as a kid, with finding things,” Anderson said. “I’ve always had that sort of luck or curiosity … it piqued my curiosity.”

The note inside the bottle asked its reader to contact the sender by sending a letter to Thomas Heimer and included a post office box in Yonkers, New York. Anderson says he followed these instructions and sent a letter to the listed address, but it was returned to him.

He then turned to radio stations, telephone services and libraries to search for the person behind the pen. Anderson finally found the sender in December after matching Heimer’s name to a book about clarinets.

Tom Heimer, told CBC News that he was shocked Anderson found him. He’s tossed 9,460 messages in bottles into the waters since 1972, but only 1,919 people have found his messages and reached out to him.

Anderson’s discovery was the longest period of time between the release of the bottle and its finding. The bottle that Anderson found was tossed by Heimer in 1985.

Heimer said he’s left bottles in every Canadian province and territory, as well as Europe, Asia, Caribbean, Eastern Europe and every U.S. state except Hawaii.