Photo by Jonathan Ford on Unsplash.

Manitoba municipality declares local state of emergency over abnormally high water levels

A rural Manitoba community has been the victim of abnormally high water levels after it received almost three times its monthly rain average in September.

Zhoda, Man., located in the province’s southeast municipality of La Broquerie, declared a local state of emergency on Thursday. Since that time, municipality staff has had to work throughout the weekend to deal with areas threatened by flooding.

Louis Tétrault, La Broquerie’s Municipal Emergency Coordinator told Steinbach Online that he has been shocked by the weather conditions.

“I have been a resident of La Broquerie for many many many years,“ he said. “And this is the first time that a situation this serious has occurred in fall. In fact, I don’t think it has ever been this bad.”

High water levels have impacted about 30 roads in the rural municipality, forcing some to close.

Steinbach Online reported that approximately 25 mm of rain fell over Zhoda this weekend. Tétrault said he has been trying to assess water levels and make plans accordingly. He added that crest levels are unknown and believes the community’s washout is far from over.

La Broquerie Council will decide today if they will add members to Tétrault’s emergency response team and if they will set up a small emergency response centre to deal with issues on a case-by-case basis.