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Manitoba woman finds wedding ring lost for 15 years in garden

A Manitoba woman who lost her engagement and wedding rings 15 years ago has been reunited with her prized possessions.

Corrine Armstrong told CBC News that she was digging in her garden about two weeks ago when she first discovered her engagement ring.

The Beausejour, Man. resident had her husband tear up the rest of the garden, hoping the wedding ring might be there as well, but they weren’t able to find anything.

That’s when she reached out to expert metal detector, Robert Unik.

He was able to locate her ring in her garden within 45 minutes.

“It is like a treasure that you’d lost and then you find it again,” Armstrong said.

Unik has been known locally for finding valuable items and told CBC he estimates he has found more than 100 pieces of jewellery over the years.

More noteworthy items he’s discovered consisted of a Swedish coin from the 1600’s, a 4,500-year-old copper spearhead and an 1877 American half dollar.

After he found Armstrong’s wedding ring, Unik said Armstrong offered to pay him $100, but he only took $20 to cover the cost of his gas.

“It’s not the idea of making money for what we do. It’s the joy of finding something and returning it,” he said. “I mentioned to the husband. I said you should get down on one knee and propose all over again.”

While she has her rings back, Armstrong said she’s afraid to wear them in the case that they might fall off her hand. She added that for the amount of time her wedding ring was in the ground, it seems to be in perfect condition.

“It’s amazing how shiny gold stays,” she said.