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Medical spokesperson walks Saskatchewan dad through home delivery of baby girl

We’re living in a global pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that babies are going to stop being born.

Despite the fact that hospitals are still up and running to deliver newborns, one father in Saskatoon was unexpectedly tasked to bring his baby girl into the world from home.

According to Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Bianca Teofisto, woke her husband Tom Tuesday morning after having contractions, but quickly realized that they weren’t going to make it to the hospital before her baby arrived.

“I felt the baby’s head coming out. So that’s why I told my husband to call 911. If I stood up, it would have been baby on the floor,” she says.

Tom called 911 and was connected with Jade Morgan, a medical communications officer with Medavie Health Services.

Morgan instructed the family on delivering the baby, which only took about five minutes.

Paramedics later arrived to the Teofisto’s home to cut the newborn’s umbilical cord and take Bianca and her new daughter to the hospital. Doctors put the baby in an incubator and gave her oxygen for 24 hours, but told the family she’s in good health.