Metallica singer contacts B.C. woman who scared off cougar with song

A Vancouver Island woman who fended off a cougar by blasting a Metallica song, got a special call recently.

The lead singer of the heavy metal band, James Hetfield, contacted Dee Gallant after he heard about her story, according to CTV News. Gallant had been walking through a trail by a logging road in July with her dog, when she noticed a cougar was stalking her.

When raising her arms and yelling didn’t scare the big cat away, she took out her phone and played a Metallica songs, Don’t Tread On Me. The cougar went scurrying into a bush.

“It was one of those songs that start of assertively and it just has those notes that kind of kick you in the face right away, and that’s what I did to the kitty,” she told CTV News.

When Hetfield learned about what happened he picked up his phone and called Gallant, whose favourite band happens to be Metallica.

“His first thing was ‘Hi Denise, this is James Hetfield from Metallica,'” she said. “I basically said ‘You don’t have to say you’re from Metallica, I know who you are.'”

The singer texted Gallant a photo of himself to confirm that it was him and not an imposter.

He told her that he saw her posts on social media which thanked the band for saving her life.

“He said ‘I’m just calling to let you know that we know,'” she said.



B.C. woman survives cougar encounter by blasting Metallica





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