Photo by JAEMAN JUNG on Unsplash.

Mild weather shatters temperature records on east coast

Wet, mild weather across the east coast crushed temperature records this weekend.

More than a dozen weather stations across the Maritimes reported record breaking temperatures for this time of year on Saturday. CBC News reported that Greenwood, N.S., set a new record for this point in the winter and was also the warmest place in Canada that day with a temperature of 17.4 C.

Environment Canada said that some previously set records dated as far back as 1899.

Meanwhile in New Brunswick, records were broken in three areas.  The town of Woodstock set a new record after reaching a temperature of 14.1 C. Prior to this, its hottest day recorded was 8.9 C in 1914.

St. Peters Bay, P.E.I., was the only region in the third maritime province to break a record with temperatures that climbed to 14.6 C. The previous record set was 12 C in 1983.