Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash.

Montreal Harry Potter fans feel scammed by wizarding event

It was anything but magical for a number of Harry Potter fans in Montreal who thought they’d signed up for a Hogwarts-like party last week.

As reported by CBC News, hundreds of hopeful attendees who paid more than $50 per ticket lined-up for a wizard-themed event at the city’s Rialto Theatre on Friday, but the experience fell far short of what they were promised.

One guest, Georgiana Elias, described the event as a Montreal version of the Fyre festival.

“It felt like a total scam,” she said.

LOL Events Group, the company that organized the bash, wrote on its website that they would be serving Harry Potter themed drinks such as “Boozy Butterbeer” and “Polyjuice Potion.”

Instead, guests showed up and were presented with a regular bar rail selection.

A pick your own wand experience was also advertised, which ended up being a table with unwrapped chopsticks that guests could decorate with glitter.

“It was just so shockingly bad,” Elias said. “I wouldn’t even make an activity like this for children.”

An event organizer told Elias that she would be able to get a refund by sending the company a Facebook message. But she said that the group blocked her.

She eventually got her refund which was processed by Eventbrite on Tuesday morning.

Posts on Facebook from the LOL Event Group were deleted over the weekend after a number of guests left comments that expressed their disappointment.

The company’s spokesperson told CBC News that they were focused on the attendees that enjoyed the event, adding that they have hosted the same type of party elsewhere with people who were supportive of the result.

They also said that while the event was advertised as  “wizard inspired,” the company is not responsible for commentary that implied otherwise.