Screenshot, Jason Altidor, Instagram.

Montreal trainer uses toilet paper in viral home workout video

Right now it might be easy for folks to pack on the pounds while being cooped up in close quarters with a well stocked fridge and no access to a gym.

But a Montreal fitness trainer has created a home workout to show fellow Canadians they can substitute traditional equipment for popular COVID-19 stockpiling items, like toilet paper.

Since (social) physical distancing measures have been implemented, Jason “The Core” Altidor has used his Instagram account as a tool to inspire others to get off the couch and start moving.

The Quebecker posted a video mid-March that has amassed more than 13,000 views. The clip shows him crunching, planking and squatting making use of his own TP stash.

“Got toilet paper? I know you do. Stuck at home? I know you are,” he writes.  “No workout to do? I got you. Be safe folks and have a blessed one.”

Altidor told CTV News in an interview that he made the video to contribute to more positive energy on social media.

“You can always find something good out of something bad and the fact that you’re not allowed to go outside to train, at least you have things around the house — even as silly as toilet paper,” he said.

Since the release of the initial clip, Altidor has produced two more videos using household items.

He said he’s received a lot of positive feedback, with people thanking him for putting a smile on their faces during these tough times and adds that he’s working on more videos to keep people active in their homes.