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Most Canadians would ask to move seats on a plane if a passenger smelt bad

A smelly person on an airplane would be enough to provoke most Canadians to move seats, according to a new survey.’s 2019 Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study offered a look into Canadian travellers’ pet peeves, behaviours and preferences. It found that 52 per cent of Canadians would ask their flight attendant if they could be re-seated in the case that they were sitting next to a person who smelt extremely bad. 

Canadians were asked their thoughts on what makes the most annoying type of traveller. This year, “the drunk passenger” took first place with 39 per cent of votes. 

But, the survey did show that Canadian travellers try their best to not be the drunken passenger. Only six per cent reported getting drunk during a flight. 

But body odour and booze on planes aren’t the only things that Canadians expressed as bothersome behaviour while travelling, as 77 per cent said peeing in a pool was inappropriate behaviour at a vacation rental. 

Participants also said it would be rude to go through the personal items of the host (77 per cent) who you are renting from in addition to wearing their clothes and shoes (68 per cent). 

And while Canadians expressed disapproval for a number of travel behaviours, the survey did rank them above the global average in delivering acts of kindness, with almost half (47 per cent vs. 41 per cent globally) who said they’ve helped someone lift their suitcase into the overheard compartment. 

An additional 30 per cent of Canadian respondents said they have offered to switch their seat so another party could sit together with 28 per cent who said they’ve shared travel tips with other passengers.