Most of us… are worried about climate change

New polling by Abacus Data has found that 74 per cent of Canadians think climate change is a big, or very big problem.

That majority holds up even when considering only Alberta (59 per cent) or the Conservative partisans (51 per cent).

The numbers match those who think that it’s possible to reduce the effects of climate change, suggesting that government action, and by extension, party policy on climate, could be an important factor politically.

In addition to general concern about climate change, a majority of Canadians (59 per cent) think that a carbon tax is a step in the right direction, and 75 per cent of us are at least willing to accept the carbon tax.

So smooth sailing on climate policy, right? Probably not. Voters consistently worry most about economic issues, and any debate on climate change policy is sure to spark concerns about our pocketbooks!

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