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Most of us… don’t get enough sleep
Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash.

Most of us… don’t get enough sleep

The majority of Canadians are not getting their recommended dose of shut eye, according to a recent study.

A Research Co.poll found that only 17 per cent of Canadians claimed to be “very well rested” after a night’s sleep on a weekday or workday.

Health Canada states that individuals should be sleeping between seven and nine hours each night, yet only 35 per cent of respondents said that they’re hitting that target during the workweek. On the weekend or a non-workday, that percentage increases slightly to 45 per cent.

Specific demographics like women (38 per cent) and Canadians aged 18 to 34 (35 per cent) were more likely to say that they are usually “not too well rested” or “not well rested at all” when facing a new workday or weekday. A provincial breakdown showed that Manitoba and Saskatchewan (34 per cent) were top regions where residents said they were not ready to take on the day due to lack of sleep.

When it comes to the root of their insomnia, almost half of Canadians (49 per cent) said that money and financial matters were preventing them from falling asleep at night. Albertans, at 62 per cent were more likely to say that they were kept awake over money matters compared to other Canadian residents.

Fifty-four per cent of women in comparison to 43 per cent of men said they lost sleep over money.

Other top concerns were relationships or family matters (32 per cent) and health (29 per cent).

And while only 23 per cent of Canadians said they had difficulty falling asleep because were concerned about their job, a significant portion (41 per cent) who identified with this concern were aged 18-34.

Domestic or international politics represented the least of respondents’ concerns, as only six per cent of Canadians said it was a source of their sleeplessness.