Most Of Us… Don’t hate Valentine’s Day

Many of us have experienced a lonely Valentine’s Day or two, but according to a recent survey by Ebates.ca, 68 per cent of Canadians DO NOT think Valentine’s is a silly holiday (why is Ebates.ca doing a Valentine’s Day survey? 🤷‍♂️). Furthermore, 57 per cent of us think Valentine’s Day proposals are a good idea. Clearly Canadians like a little romance.

Not surprisingly however, the Valentine’s Day news is not all good. Roughly 17 percent of Canadians reported being dumped on or around Valentine’s Day. And some of us are terrible gift givers – the “worst gifts” received include a toothbrush, a workout video, and and *empty* box of chocolates (if you’re wondering, 33 per cent of Canadians would like to be taken out for a Valentine’s Day meal, and zero percent would like an empty box of chocolates).

Valentine’s Day Canadians are spending an average of $76 on Valentine’s Day gifts (CNW Group/Ebates Canada)