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Most of us… fear our friends and family will get the coronavirus

The coronavirus, now officially declared a pandemic, has been on the minds of Canadians as a looming threat to their health.

And as the first coronavirus related death has been recorded in the country, more than half of Canadians have concerns over their community being hit by the disease. The Angus Reid Institute, found in a recent poll that fifty three percent of respondents fear their friends and family will contract the illness.

Despite this discovery, for the most part, Canadians are confident in their healthcare systems to deal with the risks and effects of the new virus. Nearly half of respondents (49 per cent) said the federal government has been effective in its response.

But when it comes to taking personal action, a majority of respondents do not appear to be putting their life on hold to avoid contracting COVID-19. Only three in 10 Canadians said they would avoid concerts, events and airports. And when asked what they would do if they had international travel booked in the next six months, 28 per cent said they would cancel.

On the upside, more than half of Canadians (57 per cent) said they were washing their hands more often. This has been a key recommendation amongst public health professionals to prevent getting sick from the virus.