Most of us say our identity is more important than money

Most Canadians believe it’s more important to protect their identity online than their money.

New research conducted by Interac shows 52 per cent of Canadians valued identity over their financial wealth and eight in 10 Canadians considered their identity to be among their most valuable assets. The vast majority of Canadians (77 per cent) also said they don’t know enough about how to protect their identity online and almost two-thirds of respondents said they thought a digital ID would be at higher risk of theft than a physical one.

While these were big concerns for many Canadians, the majority (86 per cent) of those polled also said they value the convenience of digital ID.

“Canadians told us they are ready for more convenient, digital options to manage their identity documents online and on their mobile devices,” said Debbie Gamble, chief innovation labs and new ventures officer at Interac Corp. “They also indicated how important safeguarding their identity is, and that digital IDs must be secure and backed by trusted technology.”

Researchers conducted the poll online, surveying 1,500 adults living in Canada in February, 2019.