Most of us… think we do enough to stop cyber threats

The majority of Canadians feel they are capable of protecting themselves from online threats, according to a recent survey.

The online questionnaire from Palo Alto Networks, a global cyber security leader, and You Gov, a market research company, found that 56 per cent of respondents believe they are doing all they can to prevent the loss of their information online.

Sixty-six per cent also said they apply the same management of security across all of their personal devices such as PC’s, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

And while most Canadians (53 per cent) said the onus falls on them to protect their data, other respondents believe it’s also the responsibility of internet service providers (43 per cent), government (34 per cent), mobile network operators (30 per cent) and the device manufacturer (21 per cent).

However, survey data revealed that a large number of respondents have little faith in the government’s ability to keep Canadians informed on cyber security issues.

Only 28 per cent agreed that both the government and the curriculum implemented in schools sufficiently educates the public.

For respondents ages 18-24, the number dropped to 16 per cent.

It was also found that being informed plays a large role in whether or not Canadians feel safe online.

Fifty-six per cent said that if they were more knowledgeable on what they could do to protect themselves online, it would increase their feelings of security.

Other participants said they would feel better protected online if companies were more transparent about cyber security (26 per cent), if there was a sole government agency or official responsible for cyber security (26 per cent) and if they had information that would allow them to learn about online risks in simpler terms (24 per cent).