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New Brunswick restaurant adds cannabis chicken wings to menu

A New Brunswick restaurant has added a cannabis infused appetizer to its menu.

The Coop in Saint John is now serving chicken wings with cannabis oil in its sauce as an option for customers.

Co-owners, Renée Theriault and Jean-Maurice Desjardins who bought the establishment about a month ago, introduced the new item.

Theriault told CBC News that the cannabis wings addition was a marketing tactic, but that it’s also a new option for people.

The wing sauce contains cannabis oil — minus the THC. THC is a psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

“The guests have enjoyed it,” she said, adding that social media has been difficult because some people don’t understand what zero THC means.

Her husband, Desjardins isn’t a chef, but he has been the one developing the menu when the couple revamped it.

“We have a few things to change, a few things to get used to, but the reaction of the people, my guests are very happy, and that’s what I want,” he said in an interview with the CBC.

He added that he would also consider using THC as an ingredient for some products when that becomes legal.