Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

New temperature records set on east and west coasts of Canada

New weather records were set on the eastern and western coasts of Canada this week.

Vancouver had temperatures low enough to break a 59-year-old record, while Mary’s Harbour in Newfoundland and Labrador had its hottest day since the town first began keeping records 63 years ago.

As reported by Global News, Vancouver’s temperature hit 1C yesterday, which was also the coldest day this year since April 25.

Global meteorologist, Mark Madryga said that temperatures in the B.C. city were abnormally cold for this time of year due to arctic air that has moved across the western province over the last few days.

“If you thought it was chilly, yes it is. It’s the record for the date,” he said.

Madryga added that cold air is expected to stick around through Thursday, but that warmer air should move in by Friday with temperatures forecasted to reach a low of 3 C and a high of 16 C.

In Mary’s Harbour, temperatures reached as high as 16.6 C. This topped the previous record for this date set in 2014 when it was a balmy 15.6 C.

The town’s records date back as far as 1956.