New Zealand introduces new requirement for travellers from Canada and other countries

Canadians looking to explore New Zealand will soon have an additional obstacle to overcome before travelling to the island nation.

Short-term visitors from Canada and 59 other countries that don’t require a visa to go to New Zealand will need to apply for what’s called an Electronic Travel Authority, starting in October.

This will mean travellers arriving from air and sea will need to obtain an ETA before they travel to New Zealand through a mobile app (which costs NZD $9) or on a web browser (NZD $12). ETAs will last two years.

Immigration New Zealand said it has been unable to properly screen travellers in the current system, as it only learns about them once they are on their way. The ETA will be a “security and facilitation measure,” that the agency hopes will speed up processes at the border.

“The Electronic Travel Authority aims to deal with these issues and is part of wider government efforts to make border crossing as seamless as possible,” Immigration New Zealand said on its website.

Travellers will be able to start requesting ETAs in July.