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The popular TV program is here in a flash version. Win as much money as you can and be ready to overcome some difficulties. At the beginning, you choose one briefcase. You will gradually open the others and the goal is to open the briefcases with the lowest value. After a few openings, the banker will call you and give you an offer.

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Deal or No Deal is a game full of surprises and fun. Each briefcase you open brings you one step closer to finding out how much you've won. So get ready to pick your suitcase, guess wisely, and have loads of fun! 💰 Play the Deal or No Deal game and pick the lucky briefcase! Use your guessing powers to find the million-dollar case and.

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The player must answer the offer with either: Deal: the game ends and the player receives the amount offered. No Deal: the game continues with the next round. In subsequent rounds, as long as no deal is taken, the amount of removed cases is 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1. The game ends when you take a deal from the Banker, or when all cases are removed.

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Played 1 688 735 times. Puzzle Games. Do you feel lucky today? Try to win a million dollars in this online version of the famous "Deal or No Deal" TV game shows. The game features 26 briefcases, each containing a cash prize between $0.01 and $1,000,000. You will have to eliminate them progressively while praying to keep cases with the larger.

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Deal or No Deal is a thrilling simulator game that faithfully recreates the high-stakes excitement of the iconic TV show. In this virtual adaptation available online and for free on, players find themselves in the hot seat as they face a series of nerve-wracking decisions with potentially life-changing consequences.

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Pick the million dollar briefcase to outsmart the banker in Deal or No Deal, the fantastic game based on the hit television show. Take center stage and make a run at one million dollars in play money when you become a contestant on the hit game show. Select your briefcase from 26 available, then watch as one by one the others you choose are.

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Deal or No Deal. The popular game show, "Deal or No Deal." Pick a briefcase to start, and then start eliminating cases of money. After each round, you will have to decide whether to accept or decline the banker's offer.

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Deal Or No Deal is the hit game where you need nerves of steel and a little luck to beat the Banker. Pick your case, and find out if you'll win the $1,000,000 by opening the other cases. No trivia, no stunts. Can you make the right deal? Test your skills now. Report this product;

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Description. No mindless trivia. No tricky stunts. Just $1,000,000. And it's all for one question. Deal or no Deal? Just Have Fun!

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Originally a Dutch show, Deal Or No Deal took America by storm in 2005, becoming one of the most popular game shows virtually overnight. Since the first season in, the game and show has continued to adapt and grow in popularity. With a revival in 2018, Deal Or No Deal again became a popular exciting game show that pits a banker against the pits.

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Craig of the Creek Drone Showdown. Guess the Flag. City Bike Racing Champion. Craig of the Creek: Hack 'N Smash. Flow Box: Ragdoll Sandbox. Deal or No Deal Online is trendy, 216,316 total plays already! Play this Quiz game for free and prove your worth. Enjoy Deal or No Deal Online now!

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The digital version of the game allows to experience Deal or No Deal free of any stress or anxiety about making wrong decisions. You can definitely go for some riskier moves than you would in real life and simply start over if you've miscalculated. If you want to try your luck and develop a good strategy play Deal or No Deal online on Kevin.


Hosted by Joe Manganiello, the iconic game show is back, this time on the Banker's private island! Players compete in challenges to find briefcases hidden around the island worth over $200 million.

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Description. Your goal is to select the briefcases that contains the smaller dollar amounts thus leaving the big money briefcases on the board. This drives up the Banker's offer. but be careful not to get too greedy because the Banker is very shrewd. Test your luck today and win BIG PRIZES.

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Deal or No Deal is an online game generated by iWin gaming developers based in San Francisco. It is a thrilling online version of the popular television game show. In this challenging gameplay, you can encounter many of the same delights as real-life participants in the exhibition. Earn valuable reward points that will allow you to access new.

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One person is the host/banker and the other player is the contestant. After the game is over, players can switch roles and see who ended up with the better deal. Attach a cover on each of the dollar values on the money board. Put the stand into the back of the money board and put all of the covers in the open position.