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Casual ways to say "hello" in Dutch. Hoi is an informal greeting. When addressing more people at the same time, one would generally say "hoi allemaal" or "hallo allemaal" — which is Dutch for "hi y'all.". Ad by Refinery89. Other informal ways of saying hello are hé (pronounced as hey), hai (pronounced as hi) and ha.

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Dank jewel - Thank you. Thank you is used in a number of contexts in the Netherlands. When someone does anything for you, you usually say Dankjewel. Generally, when you say thank you in English, you say thank you in Dutch. I usually say thanks after placing a food or drink order at a restaurant.

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6) Goedemorgen - Good morning. If you want to say hello to someone in the morning, you can greet them with a smile and say good morning; goedemorgen! You would hear a lot of these particular words in tourist attractions like shops, restaurants, museums, and hotels. Sometimes, this good morning phrase is shortened to only morgen.

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nbb.be. Many translated example sentences containing "have a good day" - Dutch-English dictionary and search engine for Dutch translations.

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Goodbyes. When leaving a store or café, most people in Amsterdam use one of the following words or phrases. Be a friendly visitor and try one out. Dag ("dakh")— Bye. Literally "day" as in "good day," this is the most common word for goodbye. Appropriate with most anyone. Can also be used as a greeting.

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The informal ways to say "good day" in Dutch are as follows: "Hallo" - Just like its English counterpart, "hello," this straightforward and versatile greeting is suitable for any time of the day. "Hoi" - This informal and friendly greeting is similar to the English "Hi.". "Goeiedag" - A more casual variation of.

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English hackney. English hackneyed. English hacksaw. Translation for 'have a good day' in the free English-Dutch dictionary and many other Dutch translations.

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1. Dank u wel (Thank you very much) This is the formal version of "Thank you," so you should use it with people you don't know very well. 2. Dank je wel (Thank you very much) This one, which changes "u" by "je", is a more informal phrase for "Thank you.".

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How to say "Have a nice day." in DutchHow to speak "Have a nice day." in Dutchdutchlanguagelanguageslanguage learnerslearn easylearning languagesdutch langua.

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Here is our Dutch greetings list of all the general ways to address a person upon meeting. It is tailored for formal and informal situations. 1- Good morning. Goedemorgen 'Good morning' in Dutch is acceptable any time between approximately 5:30am and 12:00pm, when the day is still young. And smile - it's the universal ice-breaker! 2.

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English Dutch Contextual examples of "have a nice day" in Dutch These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. bab.la is not responsible for their content. Have a nice day , Mr. Johnson.

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Formal greetings in Dutch. One of the things Dutch and German share is that formal greetings are based on the time of day.. So, when you speak to somebody you should be polite to — for some pointers, check out our article on the Dutch formal vs informal — you want to say something along the lines of "good morning" rather than just "hi.". That said, all the below greetings are also.

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Dutch Translation. fijne dag. More Dutch words for Have a nice day! een fijne dag verder. have a nice day. prettige dag. have a nice day.

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Dutch. English (UK) 'Prettige dag (verder)'. The 'verder' is optional and expresses 'the rest of' as in 'Enjoy rest of your day'. See a translation. 1 like. Highly-rated answerer.

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Here are some basic Dutch phrases which you can use in everyday conversation, as well as some common words you will see on signs. Ja: Yes: Nee: No: Misschien: Maybe: Alsjeblieft:. Have a nice day! Fijn weekend! Have a good weekend! Getting someone's attention and apologising. excuseert u mij or pardon: Excuse me (can be used to get someone's.

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All right. Y'all have a good day. Heb allemaal nog een fijne dag. You have a good day and thanks for doing such a fine job. Goed dan, nog een fijne dag en bedankt voor de prima job. You have a good day, damon. Nog een fijne dag, Damon. You have a good day, Doctor. Nog een prettige dag, dokter.