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Viking Art Glass and Fenton vases are identifiable by any brand, which helps to identify the manufacturer reliably. For example, Viking Art Glass vases have the word "Vikings" on them and even feature the Viking logo as a helmet.. Viking art glass vases and Fenton shaker vases are valuable collector's items. To retain their value and.

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Most of the documentation comes directly from Viking Catalogs issued by the Company! Viking Glass came to be after New Martinsville Glass went broke in the late 30's. In 1938 the company was sold to people associated with Silver City Glass Company of Meriden, Connecticut. The plant reopened as New Martinsville Glass Company for a short time.

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Look to see if the glass has been signed or marked. Usually signatures are found on the underside of glass, but sometimes you can find one on the body. Signatures are sometimes faint too. If you are having trouble reading it, Robinson recommends rubbing the glass with a charcoal pencil so you can see the signature better.

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Mike highlights Viking Glass showcasing it's history, Popularity and value! Enjoy!66 Unique Antiques in Nashville Mi is a 9000 sqft Antique Shop filled with.

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In 1956, the first "mention" of the Epic line at Viking Art Glass was made in an industry journal. There were 14 pieces in the original line available in 5 colors: amber, amethyst, charcoal, crystal, and olive green. The bowl on the left is the handkerchief bowl #1160 in amethyst. The Epic Line was a departure from the tradition form of art glass.

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The asymmetrical openings of Viking Glass are also highly sought after. With swung vases created by so many companies, it can be challenging to identify specific makers, especially since most vases don't have manufacturers' marks or names engraved on them and are identified primarily by their color, name, or style.

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Markings and signatures play a crucial role in identifying and authenticating Viking glass, providing valuable insights into the origins and provenance of each piece. These distinctive markings serve as a hallmark of craftsmanship and offer a glimpse into the rich history of Viking glassmaking.

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Viking Glass commonly refers to the Viking Glass Company's ' Epic ' line of glassware, which began in the 1950s and was in production until the late 1980s. Unfortunately for amateur collectors, the manufacturer preferred using paper tags and stickers to identify their pieces rather than stamping them with maker's marks.

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Viking Art Glass. From the wonderfully whimsical to the purely practical, and all points in between, the glassware produced by Viking's artisans is a pleasure to the eye and a treasure in the home. On the pages of this website, we present our collection of Viking Art Glass, as well as related items by Beaumont, Dalzell, Pilgrim, and Silver City.

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Viking glass is identified by serious collectors through the color and shape of the glass. Viking glass typically has a pedestal on the bottom. The glass color is often vibrant. Viking Glass is typically valued at $50, but it can be much more valuable depending on the size and color of the piece. Below we will learn more about Viking glass, how.

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The popular swung vases, some standing 2 or 3 feet tall, have the irregular edges that give the appearance of melting. The hot glass is literally swung and as it cools the edges come to the freeform shapes we admire so much. Swung vases were in production was early as the turn of the century, but became more flamboyant as consumers' tastes.

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With that new name, the company's glassware aesthetic pivoted 180 degrees when it launched its Swedish Type glassware line, which is today known among collectors of vintage Viking glass as Swedish Modern, as well as its Epic line, which is still widely collected among fans of American art glass . Throughout the 1950s, '60s, and '70s, in colors.

Viking Glass Identification and Valuation Antique Answers

These are Taiwanese five-finger vases. They are tool pulled--a feature that can easily be identified by the relative flatness that rises to a rounded edge at the outside of the fingers. One of the most reliable ways of identifying your vintage American swung vase is to look for the mold seam at the bottom of the vase.

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To learn more about Viking Glass and to identify patterns, these books will prove useful: Viking Glass 1944-1970 by Dean Six; Beauty Is Glass From Viking: A Story with Pictures About the Creation of America's Hand Made Glass by Viking Glass, Viking Glass History by Preston Ver Meer, and Popular '50s & '60s Glass: Color Along the River by.

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Our guide to antique glassware identification awaits—let the secrets of the past illuminate your own understanding of these elegant artifacts. Join me and unlock a trove of historical wonders, one shard of glass at a time. Sections in this post: 1. "Decoding the Marks: The First Step in Antique Glassware Identification".

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The 1100 Line called "Epic" was first shown in the 1957 Viking Catalog. There were a large number of pieces introduced in this General Category from day one. Most of the early Epic pieces had a small collared base of different sizes depending on the over all size of the piece. There were also a number of vases that did not have a collar base.