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Spoilers for the Week of March 11, 2024. 03/15/2024 12:00 am. Three couples are put to the test in's latest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for the week of Monday, March 11, through Friday, March 15. On one end of the canvas, we have Thomas and Hope's romance, which continues to rub Brooke the wrong way.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, April 22: In Monday's recap, Liam reminds Steffy of their 'fierce' love, and Lauren tells Deacon the story of Sugar and Sheila. Furthering our theory that we are headed for a scandalous new coupling, Hope asks Finn a poignant and pointed question about Sheila. Steffy claps back at Liam for taking.

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S37 E133. Apr 03, 2024. Finn shocked Steffy by telling her that he decided to attend Sheila's funeral. Steffy did not understand Finn's point of view but encouraged him to go if he needed closure. 4/2/2024. S37 E132. Apr 02, 2024. Finn and Steffy agreed to disagree about Thomas & Hope's relationship. 4/1/2024.

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Bill can't hate on him for falling for two incredible woman. "They loved you right back, and for good reason.". In the abandoned building, dirty fingers can be seen sticking out amongst the trash and old mattresses and blankets. Deacon and Finn enter with flashlights and holler, "Sheila! Sheila!" as they search.

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The villainous Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), who was supposedly killed off two months ago on the CBS daytime drama, is actually alive and well. In an effort to bring back the popular Brown.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, March 8: Not knowing when to leave bad enough alone, Poppy and Zende interfere in Luna's decision to come clean to R.J. Memories of Sheila haunt Finn. They might stop if he'd quit reviewing our photo gallery of her life and crimes. CBS just announced that Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless are.

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Deacon explains everyone thought Sugar was her. He and Finn recount how Sugar went to Steffy's, the power was out, and she broke in. They relay that Steffy grabbed a knife to defend herself, and stabbed Sugar in the heart. Sheila can't believe Steffy thought she killed her. Finn says it's okay now, his wife didn't kill his mother.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, December 22: In Friday's recap, Eric wakes up, and his family celebrates. As Eric lies unconscious and unable to breathe on his own, Steffy, Ridge, Brooke, Finn and Bridget discuss his wishes. At the same time, Eric's family lovingly recalls special times that they had with their patriarch.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of April 29:. Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, April 29: In Monday's recap, Deacon and Finn make a grisly discovery, Liam and Bill discuss moving forward, and Steffy senses something is off. Emotions are at an all-time high when Deacon and Finn find Sheila Carter tied up in an abandoned warehouse.

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Displeased with her extreme makeover, Sugar sought revenge on her "best gal pal" by crossing over to Young & Restless and stabbing Scotty Grainger, the now-grown son that Sheila had stolen as a newborn from his real mom, Lauren Fenmore. This didn't go super well for Sugar, who wound up being sent back to the very place that she'd met.

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The CBS daytime drama is as much about raising viewers' blood pressure as it is lowering models' necklines. Created as a sister soap for The Young and the Restless by that show's co-creators, the late William J. and Lee Phillip Bell, The Bold and the Beautiful debuted on March 23, 1987. From that day forward, drama swirled around the.

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In Deacon's apartment, Sheila tells Deacon and Finn more about Sugar's plan. She flashes to Sugar in the warehouse saying she was going to strangle Steffy and those brats of her. "Everyone's going to think you killed your son's wife, the mother of your grandson.".

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About. Set in the glamorous world of the Los Angeles fashion scene, this soap opera focuses on the wealthy and powerful Forrester family. Its company, Forrester Creations, is the leader in the fashion industry. Add in the machinations of rival businesses and families, and you've got a classic set-up. Premiere: March 23, 1987.

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Ivy muses, "So young and carefree. You know, Liam, I've always had a little piece of you in my heart.". She kisses him just as Steffy walks in and gawps. She asks if the waiter has seen Deacon. He hasn't. She says she'll catch him later, her eyes not leaving Liam and Ivy.

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Spoilers for the Week of February 19, 2024. It's Fight Night in's latest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for the week of Monday, February 19, through Friday, February 23. Well, Fight Afternoon, more like it. But at any rate, dukes are going to be put up and threats, thrown down, when a "reformed" Sheila comes under attack from all.

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Soap Central The Bold and the Beautiful Days of our Lives General Hospital The Young and the Restless Other Soaps IN MEMORIAM Marla Adams, Emmy-winning actress known as Y&R's Dina Mergeron, has died 2024 DAYTIME EMMYS 51st Annual Daytime Emmy nominations announced.