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A good ratio is 5-7 minutes rest to 30 minutes riding at night. Stretch your legs, clean your eye protection, buy a coffee, restroom break. Pro tips; take 2 minutes to do a light jog. It will increase your blood flow blood waking you up, and keeping you alert longer. 19.

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Motorcycle night riding is a fascinating way to experience the open road and explore new locations. It offers riders a feeling of liberty and the opportunity to explore places one cannot do during the day.

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Windscreens. Windscreens, like mirrors, are more for the rider being able to see at night. Smoked or tinted versions limit the amount of light which can get past them and to the rider's eyes. Thus, having a clear windscreen is the best way to go if plans call for riding in the dark.

Night Riders on Behance

Embarking on a motorcycle ride under a starry or moonlit night sky is a truly enchanting experience. However, in this environment, your vision becomes the sole sense guiding you on the road. Enhance your riding skills with a few after-dark adjustments, all detailed below, to enhance safety, comfort, and the enjoyment of a secure and pleasurable motorcycle night ride!

High Power Motorcycle Chopper with Man Rider at Night Stock Image Image of motorcycle, leather

A] Preparing For Your Night Ride 1. Choosing The Right Gear. The low light conditions of the night create a dangerous environment for a rider. You may not be visible to other riders in the dark, which increases the chances of collisions. Choosing appropriate bike riding gear is crucial to increase your visibility on the road at night.

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Coming March 2016. Not every Rider needs complex and expensive engine tuners to meet their needs. Most Riders with stock bikes or those making exhaust and/or air cleaner upgrades just want ensure their engine runs properly. Nightrider's Patented XIED technology is designed to work with OEM closed-loop ECM's to maintain or improve fuel mixtures.

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It's good to be aware of this and take more breaks to recover. Also, make sure you do the obvious things like keeping your visor clean, adjusting your headlights and stopping for a coffee if you feel sleepy and/or cold. Most of us tolerate night riding rather than practice and hone it, we thought we'd ask riding guru Gary Baldwin what we.

Night Riders on Behance

Motorcycle under lights * make sure you check your area's laws - in Georgia these are legal as long as the light isn't red or blue and/or strobing. BrakeFree lights up when when you slow down or stop (use code DOODLE10). It works with accelerometer so it's wire free. Clips on with a small stick on mount so you can use this on multiple helmets.

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Make sure you can you see clearly when riding at night. If you ride with a tinted visor in the day, you'll need to swap it for a clear one at night. You also need to make sure it's free from.

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Make your motorcycle more visible. The number 1 rule for riding at night safely is rider visibility. Whilst fewer motorcycle crashes occur at night, the main cause of those that do happen is a result of drivers not seeing you. Here's what you can do to increase your visibility.

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Park 100 yards or so from it, sit on your bike in your usual gear, making sure your weight is taken by the suspension, giving it its normal sag. Now, alternate between high and low beam. Low.

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Riding at night is safer despite the reduced visibility. Other cars, especially women in SUVs and crossovers, are the biggest threat we face on the road, and there are far fewer out at night. Frankly, other vehicles having a harder time seeing you isn't really an issue since they don't see you during the day either.

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This video discusses many aspects of riding a motorcycle at night. A true motorcyclist must learn to ride at night. It's not always fun to ride at night..

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Judging corners can be a different ball game at night. In general, good practice is to focus on the lines on the road to help guide you. In circumstances where you can't see the lines, it's better to slow down and give your eyes a few extra seconds to adjust, assess the corner and get around it safely. Read more of the Rookie to Rider.

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Limited Visibility: According to the IIHS database, nighttime riding (9 pm - 6 am) in 2020 accounted for 31% of the motorcycle fatalities. If you compare the weekend hours against the weekday hours, you'll see it's almost a 2-to-1 ratio of fatalities over the weekend hours to weekday hours during the year.