Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay.

‘Nobody puts zombie Santa in a closet’: Ontario woman’s decoration vanishes after neighbourhood feud

A Toronto woman, whose zombie Santa lawn ornament became the subject of a neighbourhood feud, says the controversial decoration has been stolen.

As reported by CBC News, Nikolina Nikolova decided she would leave her zombie Santa mannequin in her yard after taking down the rest of her Halloween decorations.

“He’s too big, he takes up too much space in the basement,” she said. “It’s like storing a dead body.”

But about a week ago she came home to find the decoration taken out of his usual spot and thrown onto her front yard. Nikolova said she decided to pick him up and tie him to a tree.

The next day he was lying on her lawn again. She secured him against the tree this time, but said last Thursday she received an anonymous note on her door.

“Your neighbours on the street would like you to remove the Halloween Santa,” it said. “It’s scaring the little children. Much appreciated.”

Nikolova told CBC News that she didn’t appreciate the anonymity of the note and that if a neighbour had approached her in person, she would have taken down the decoration.

Instead she put zombie Santa back once more, but this time with her own note.

“Nobody puts zombie Santa in a closet,” it said.

But two days later, her decoration went missing once and for all.

“At first, I was a little bit peeved, but then I started laughing,” she said. “I think I laughed the most when I came home and his little boots were still on the front lawn.”

While Nikolova has one less decoration she’ll be putting out next Halloween, she said the incident does reflect the general good nature of her neighbours.