Photo by Rafael Rodrigues Machado on Unsplash.

North Vancouver pigeon ban targets man with 15 pet birds

A North Vancouver man who owns 15 pigeons will soon have to part with his treasured companions after being the target of a new bylaw.

As reported by CBC News, Kulwant Dulay has housed pigeons for 25 years, but didn’t have a problem until his councillor neighbour issued a complaint against him in 2017.

“Everybody has a hobby, right? Some have cats, some have dogs. I have pigeons,” he said.

The bylaw, passed on Monday, bans the ownership of pigeons and takes effect May 2020.

In a 4-2 vote that approved the bylaw, Betty Forbes, Dulay’s neighbour and councillor who complained about the pigeons, recused herself.

Two years ago, Forbes began sending in letters and attending council meetings before she was a council member.

“I’ve spent lots of money fixing my backyard. I try and keep it as prim and proper as I can. I invest in it every year. And now I get to sit on the back deck and entertain and look at a pigeon coop,” she said.

In the summer of 2018, staff investigated the situation and took away six of the 21 pigeons that Dulay owned.

He has applied for a permit from the district, but said he never got one. Dulay also noted that Forbes hasn’t spoken to him since his initial complaint.

However, he said he’s hopeful that he’ll be able to keep his pigeons.