Pixabay.com photo.

Ontario agricultural fair produces 1,300 tons of poop

At the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, expect to spot more than your fair share of cows, horses, goats and chickens.

This means there’s also going to be a lot of poop—about 1,300 metric tons of it.

As reported by CBC News, the 6,000 farm animals hosted at the fair will produce enough to poop to fill about 75 large truck loads.

Charlie Johnstone, CEO of the fair, said that about 200 people have been tasked with poop pick-up related duties.

This involves anything from catching poop in a bucket before it falls to the ground to wiping animal butts or transporting it to an outdoor compound.

Michael Jones, a competitor with a local 4-H association, said he carries a wheelbarrow of manure mixed with hay and shavings to the compound about five to seven times a day.

“We have to do it all the time; we have to be watching,” he said, adding that it’s about the health and hygiene of the animals in addition to creating an enjoyable atmosphere for visitors and the competition.

A tractor, located at the site, loads the manure mixture into a semi truck with a trailer that takes it to farmers across Ontario. It’s then broken down in an oxygen-free environment using a biodigester, which is like a mechanical stomach.

And for those like Jones, who have to take in the fair’s aroma throughout the 10 day event, it doesn’t always go away.

“When we go home we definitely smell that very distinct Royal scent,” he said.