Ontario boys help save unconscious man found on train tracks

Three boys from Guelph, Ont. were in the right place at the right time when they helped rescue an unconscious man found on top of some train tracks. 

According to Global News, Griffin Wood, 11, Gabriel Saulnier, 12, and Jordan Berry, 12, noticed a large object on top of tracks they were riding their bikes nearby last week. 

When they got closer, they realized it was a man, but were unsure if he was alive. 

“He was completely still, no movement,” Wood said. “We thought about approaching him, but we thought it was a bad idea and we should go get help.” 

That’s when Berry ran to a nearby construction site and told a worker what had happened. 

The construction worker woke the man and called 911. 

When paramedics arrived to the scene they were able to revive the individual.  

While police didn’t provide comment to Global News on what happened to the man, Wood said he was told the man likely overdosed and then fell off his bike onto the train tracks. 

Police told Global News the man would have likely died if the boys hadn’t found him as a train was scheduled to pass through the area 30 minutes after. 

As a reward for their heroic act and for wearing their helmets while cycling, all three boys were given a Dairy Queen coupon for a free mini blizzard.