Ontario brothers’ fight over chicken burger lands in court

A brawl between two brothers over a chicken burger in has led to a conditional discharge and probation order for one of the siblings.

As told by the Sudbury Star, the brawl happened between two brothers in Sudbury, Ont., in early June.

The publication reported that Ethan Kingsbury, 19, pled guilty to punching his brother in the face after the pair got into an argument over a chicken burger in Sudbury, Ont.

When the argument continued, he hit his brother a second time and broke his nose.

His brother’s injury was treated at the city’s hospital where he had to have his nose reset.

“You are 19 years of age and considered a youthful first offender,” Ontario Court Justice Louise Serre told Kingsbury yesterday. “You have no criminal history and you have become involved with the criminal justice system over a trifling matter such as a chicken burger.”

Kingsbury pled guilty to assault causing bodily harm.

His defence lawyer told the court that Kingsbury is currently looking for work and that he was hoping that the brother would ask that the charge be withdrawn.

Assistant Crown attorney Kaely Whillans said two witnesses to the incident declined to provide statements to police.

“Ultimately, this is a feud between two brothers over what sounds like a barbecue in the family,” she said.

The conditional discharge issued to Kingsbury allows the conviction to be erased from records if he doesn’t commit a crime for the next 12 months.

The probation order includes a condition that Kingsbury takes counselling for matters such as anger management.