Ontario couple charged $745 for four-minute taxi ride

An Ottawa couple were had a very expensive taxi ride last weekend.

As reported by CTV News, Micheline Giroux and her husband Pierre were charged $745.05 instead of $7.45 for a four-minute drive in Canada’s capital last Friday.

Giroux, who uses a walker, called Capital Taxi Ottawa to order an accessible vehicle to drive her from St. Laurent Mall to Donald St.

The Ottawa resident said that when the trip ended, she noticed the meter showed $7.45, but her husband saw a much larger amount that was taken from their chequing account.

He phoned the company Friday night, but was told that he would have to call back on Monday. When he did, he was sent to voicemail.

Marc Andre Way, the President and CEO of Coventry Connections, the company that operates Capital Taxi, told CTV News that the driver would be asked for an explanation. The company would also be investigating his POS unit for any malfunction.

The couple was issued a refund of $737.60 and were told the amount would be back in their account within 5-10 business days.

Pierre Giroux said they would not be taking the issue any further, but wishes the money was returned to their account immediately.

“I just want people to know they should really look at their receipt because this can happen anywhere,” he said.