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Ontario man to see sister after 52 years apart

Ontario man to see sister after 52 years apart

The last time Pat Wilds saw his sister, Marilyn Monroe was still alive and Neil Armstrong had not stepped on the moon.

For the first time since 1957, the Kingsville, Ont., senior will reunite with his sister, Dorothy in September, according to a story in the Windsor Star.

Dorothy moved away from the family farm to Northern Ontario to be with her husband. When the couple visited, her family was only able to glimpse her through an RV window before the blinds were drawn. She did not come out to say hello. Wilds said his letters to her were returned and that he didn’t want to cause problems for her so he didn’t persist.

“I was quite disappointed because her and I were quite close,” he told the Windsor Star. “It was kind of a heartbreak not being able to communicate.”

Wish of a Lifetime Canada recently got in touch with Wild’s 93-year-old sister and planned for the two to meet. The staff at his nursing home surprised him with the news.

“I was quite flabbergasted,” he said. “I never once thought that anything like this would happen to me.”

Wish of a Lifetime Canada is paying for the 87-year-old man and his son to travel to Elliot Lake for a three-day visit with his sister.

Wilds and Dorothy have recently been writing letters to each other again.