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Ontario man tries to sell stolen cell phone back to victim

Ontario man tries to sell stolen cell phone back to victim

A St. Catherines, Ont., man pleaded guilty earlier this week to trying to sell a cell phone back to the woman he had stolen it from.

The 24-year-old genius had made arrangements to meet the woman to sell her the phone in January, according to a story in the St. Catherines Standard. She immediately recognized the phone as one stolen from her in a robbery a few weeks earlier.

Police later arrested the man and charged him with a number of offences, including carrying a concealed weapon, as he was carrying a revolver-style pellet gun at the time. He had been banned from having weapons in 2017 after another gun-related conviction.

They also booked him on drug charges, as he had cocaine and crystal meth on him.

The drug charges were withdrawn as part of the guilty plea.

The man was sentenced to time served and a 10-year weapons ban for the weapon charge. For stealing the woman’s phone, he was sentenced to five months and 20 days in jail.