Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash.

Ontario pool proposes heating system powered by sewage

Nothing goes to waste in Windsor, Ont. Not even the poop.

A Canadian company is proposing to use raw sewage to heat and cool the city’s pool — an idea it will present to council next week.

As reported by the Windsor Star, the project is expected to reduce the $270,000 annual energy cost for heating the pool and cooling the air in the downtown swimming facility by at least $150,000.

The system would use a wet well that’s seven metres deep and five metres in diameter in addition to a screening system used to remove solids and put it back into a sewer pipe.

The sewage water would be pumped into heat exchangers that absorb or reject the water’s heat and convert it into clean water.

Dennis Fotinos of Noventa Energy Partners, the company proposing this technology, told the Star that poopy water provides an almost ideal neutral temperature for summer and winter.

“It so happens, poop has a temperature that’s constant around the world,” he said, adding it ranges between 18 and 20 C.

Fotinos said 20 C is pretty close to what the temperature needs to be inside in the winter and that you just have to use the heating to increase the temperature slightly.

In the summer, because the temperature of sewage is cooler, the process involves taking the solids out of the sewage and sending it into heat exchangers that use the cooler sewage to suck the heat out of the building and put it back into the sewage.

Noventa plans to fund the project operations and then make money by selling the energy to the city at a rate that’s less than the current rate.

The company said that this new process using sewage would result in 1,960 annual greenhouse gas reductions.