Photo by Mitch Lensink on Unsplash.

Ontario teacher accused of drinking on the job

A London Ont. schoolteacher’s happy hours will be the subject of a professional misconduct hearing taking place this month.

As reported by the London Free Press, Charlotte Leone Passmore, a substitute teacher, has been accused of showing up drunk to one high school and drinking a can of beer at another.

Passmore allegedly showed up to a morning sports practice at a school in September 2014 and told a supervising teacher that she “had gone out the night before and was feeling it.”

Two months later on a separate instance, Passmore was accused of showing up drunk at another secondary school and one day later at the same location she was accused of bringing a can of beer to work and drinking it during the school day.

In May 2015, Passmore was reported an additional time for smelling of alcohol and being in an “unfit state”.

Allegations against Passmore have not been proven in the Ontario College of Teachers’ disciplinary process.

A spokesperson for the OCT told the Free Press that it could not comment on if Passmore had responded to the accusations.

The substitute teacher is now on an unpaid leave of absence.