Ontario teen obtains master’s degree

Kelton Kostis is not your average teenager. 

Less than a few weeks away from his 15th birthday, he already has a master’s degree.

The Sarnia, Ont. teen earned a masters of science in management information systems with a focus on cybersecurity from Bellevue University in Nebraska through the school’s online program. 

And he was able to do so, maintaining a perfect 4.0 grade point average. 

Prior to that, Kostis acquired a bachelor of science in web technology when he was 13.

“It was a little more difficult because the course materials in the master’s built upon what I learned previously, but it was also pretty easy,” Kostis told the London Free Press

The young academic caught the attention of his professor, Robert Baldi, who described him as an exemplary student, outperforming his fellow classmates. 

“I witnessed his interpersonal relationships in class and found Kelton was able to perform well on a variety of teams and he was the leader of many class discussions,” Baldi wrote in a letter of recommendation. 

While his mother wants her son to work towards his PhD, Kostis said he has other plans. 

“Right now, I’m just kind of on slow down time because I worked non-stop to do the undergrad and the master’s,” he said.

The 14-year-old added that he is looking for work in the cyber security or IT sector, but his age has been a barrier to finding employment.

“A lot of the job opportunities that we’re seeing, I’m still too young. You have to be 16 or you have to be an adult,” he said. 

Despite this factor, Kostis said he has sent out applications and is scoping out internships with the government. 

“There are opportunities out there, but there will be more in the future,” he said.