Ontario teens push woman’s broken down car for 9 km

Three Ontario teenagers stepped up to help a stranded stranger when her car broke down on a highway last week.

Billy Tarbett, 15, Bailey Campbell, 17, and Aeron McQuillin,18, of Fonthill, Ont., were on their way to Tim Hortons late Tuesday night when they came across the woman and her smoking car at an intersection.

They pulled over and checked out the car, before quickly realizing it shouldn’t be driven. So the three of them got behind the car and pushed while the driver steered inside.

They first pushed the Chevy Cobalt into a Tim Hortons parking lot before inspecting it again. When the woman said she could not afford to tow her car and couldn’t leave it there overnight, the trio knew what they had to do.

“Are you boys ready to push?” one of them said.

McQuillin later recounted the story on Facebook, along with videos of the three teens pushing the car.

The three friends pushed the car around 9 km and for an hour and a half.

“When we where pushing it felt really long but now afterwards it was an amazing experience and I am extremely happy me and my friends where able to help the lady with her car,” Campbell wrote on Facebook.

Dan Morrison, another stranger who stopped after driving passed, followed behind in his car with his four-way lights flashing. Morrison posted the story to Facebook along with a number of photos.

“Well done Billy, Bailey, and Aeron,” he said.

McQuillin said when they woke up the next morning, they were overwhelmed with messages of praise from friends and strangers on Facebook.

“We hope more people can learn from this situation and not be afraid to lend a helping hand to those in need,” McQuillin wrote.