Ontario woman arrested in underwear after allegedly assaulting brother, attacking car with pitchfork

A woman from Kingston, Ont. was charged with assault and mischief after a destructive episode that involved her allegedly damaging her home, a parked car and making multiple attacks on her brother.

According to a press release from the Kingston Police, police responded to a report from the male victim who woke up to sounds of glass breaking in his home on the morning of July 11.

On the main floor of his residence, he found his sister, tossing objects around the living room. The accused picked up a ceramic teapot and threw it at a window, causing the glass to shatter, according to police.

While trying to call the police, the accused followed the victim outside and threw a vacuum at his head. She also allegedly punched him in the head and scratched his arm.

Police said the brother watched as she then picked up a pitchfork and started smashing it into a parked car.

When police arrived to the scene, they found the accused in her underwear, still wielding the pitchfork.

She eventually dropped the weapon and fled into the backyard where officers found her trying to hide in a small plastic baby pool.

Police said that the accused tried to escape a second time by jumping over a chain link fence and running down the street.

Once police were able to arrest the woman, further investigation revealed she was under the influence of crystal methamphetamine.

The individual was transported to police headquarters where she was held to attend a bail hearing the following day.