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Ontario woman's request for wine goes viral
Screenshot, Facebook, Kelly Muller.

Ontario woman’s request for wine goes viral

An Ontario grandmother’s plea for more wine in self-isolation has attracted the online attention of social media users around the world .

Annette Muller of Kingston, Ont., had her picture taken when her daughter Kelly paid her a visit to see if she needed anything. Kelly arrived she saw her 82-year-old mother standing against her window holding a sign that read “Need More Wine” in one hand with an empty bottle in the other.

Kelly told the Kingston Whig Standard that she immediately snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook. In that time, her post has generated more than 258,000 shares and 44,000 likes on the social media platform.

It’s also been a subject of conversation on U.S. talk shows such as NBC’s “Today Show” and “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

Because Kelly doesn’t go into her mother’s house due to physical distancing measures, she said the homemade sign was effective in letting her know that she needed to restock her supply.

“She did actually want more wine. It was her way of communicating with me,” Kelly said.

The grandmother has since received offers from wineries in Spain and America who’ve said they’d send their product to her doorstep.

Kelly added she’s glad to see her mother get some positive attention, as the viral photo has been able to take her mind off of the current state of the world.

“It’s just crazy how one little picture can just take off so fast,” she said. “She’s getting a kick out of it all, she can’t believe it either.”