P.E.I. woman stabs driver’s window before realizing she targeted wrong car

A P.E.I. woman pleaded guilty last week to repeatedly stabbing at a driver’s car window before realizing she had the wrong person.

Just after midnight on Aug. 15, a woman was parked outside her friend’s home waiting for her to come out when Katie Brianna Brewer appeared with a knife, according to the Guardian. The 23-year-old woman started stabbing the windows. The victim honked her horn, hoping someone would help her.

When the woman rolled down her window, Brewer could see that she had the wrong person. She didn’t know the woman.

Later in the month, police were called to another residence where they found Brewer throwing things out of a window onto a car below, causing $4,330 in damage.

Brewer told police at the time she was under the influence of meth.

She appeared before a judge in Charlottetown last Thursday to plead guilty possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose and two counts of damaging property.

A defence lawyer said Brewer is enrolled at the University of P.E.I. and wants to be able to go to school. Before the hearing, Brewer also told the court she knew what she did was wrong and that she will work to deal with her addiction issues.

The judge only sentenced her for the second incident, ordering her to pay $4,330 in restitution. The judge also issued a suspended sentence with probation for one year. Brewer was released, but will return to court in October.