Most of us… fear our friends and family will get the coronavirus

The Angus Reid Institute, finds that fifty three percent of their respondents in a recent poll…

B.C. man uses ‘poop Zamboni’ to address goose dropping problem

Mike Hicks has been hailed a hometown hero due to his poop scooping efforts.

B.C. boy wins $200 in cannabis prizes in hockey tournament raffle

An eight year-old boy won $200 in cannabis prizes at a minor hockey tournament last weekend.

Naked driver arrested after allegedly stealing car

A 26-year-old, from Kelowna, now faces charges of break and enter, theft of a motor vehicle,…

Alberta man steals donation box using rubber chicken

Airdrie RCMP are looking for the suspect, who police say placed a rubber chicken over a…

Most of us… are struggling to balance our financial goals

A recent survey found that 74 percent of Canadians are worried about achieving their financial goals.

Manitoba man dodges deportation after faking his own kidnapping

Yang Xi, was spared a criminal conviction that would have resulted in being deported to China.

B.C. man to receive first double hand transplant in Canada

Rick Thompson is hoping to make history by becoming the first recipient of a double-hand transplant…

Human brain inside a mason jar seized at Sarnia border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized a package containing a human brain inside a mason jar…


Most of us… want more mobile providers in Canadian market

Sixty per cent of Canadians want to increase competition in the mobile sector by making room…

Quebec couple finds frog inside green pepper

Nicole Gagnon and Gérald Blackburn discovered the frog inside the green pepper last weekend.


Almost half of millennials say home ownership is unattainable

Forty- six per cent of respondents said that home ownership is a" pipedream".