Growing number of Calgary residents registering chickens as support animals

The city has received four applications since council approved chickens as support animals three months ago.


Most of us… think we do enough to stop cyber threats

Fifty-six per cent of Canadians believe they are doing all they can to prevent the loss…

Winnipeg unable to sell 409,000 sandbags

The City of Winnipeg has not found a buyer for its excess 409,000 sandbags.

Impaired limo driver’s pee break costs him $2,200 fine

An Ontario limousine driver has lost his job, his driver’s licence and $2,200 after police spotted…

New Brunswick farmer faces short strawberry supply after cold spring

Brian Walker said his crops have yielded 25 per cent of the strawberries he had last…

B.C. seniors facing charges after alleged ‘soup assault’

Two seniors are facing charges after they allegedly threw soup in the face of a woman…

Saskatchewan distillery breaks record with 750-litre caesar

Last Mountain Distillery made the record-breaking cocktail with more than 4,500 shots of vodka.

Small bear passes through Alberta barbecue joint

The bear wandered into the restaurant for about five seconds and then turned around to go…

Halifax man gets locked in liquor store

Gaurav Arora was looking at the beer selection in a Halifax liquor store when the lights…

Tree-infecting fungus thriving from rainy spring in southern Ontario

The anthracnose fungus causes tree leaves to become distorted and curl up with brown or black…

Naked man arrested for breaking into B.C. motorhome

The naked man was arrested by police and charged with break and enter.

Invasive frogs spotted in B.C.

Kevin Cordingley came across a large American bullfrog.