Poor hay growth hurting Saskatchewan farmers

Saskatchewan’s dry spring has curbed hay production for farmers across the province.

Latest crop reports released by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture showed “hay yields have been well below normal for many producers and will be in short supply this year in several areas.” It said that only 75 per cent of hay land had adequate moisture.

Many farmers will likely struggle to break even this year and the only thing that saved them from complete ruin was the rain that fell in June, according to the Regina Leader-Post.

“In this area we haven’t had near the rain that other areas have,” farmer Kevin Beach told the Leader-Post. “We’re sitting at just over three inches since April.”

Beach almost shipped some of his cattle north when things were really bad in the spring.

The report said most hay producers will not be able to do a second hay cut this year, like they usually can.

“It’s stressful,” Beach said. “It can kind of bring you down psychologically. It’s not a pleasant feeling. You always have hope that something will happen, so that kind of keeps you going.”