Pundits & Partisans — SNC Lavalin Part 1

The SNC Lavalin affair has given us many, many candidates for the Partisan Hack of the Week. Even so, Sheila Copps stands out as a clear winner. On Twitter and television, Copps said Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott lack political experience, have “gone rogue” and are trying to bring down the government.

The former deputy prime minister under Jean Chretien entered the fray on March 4. Four weeks and 225 Tweets later, she’s still going strong:

(The partisan evolution of “I know you are but what am I”)

Sheila Copps earned respect in the combative arena of politics at a time when, as a woman, she had to fight for it. But this week, she earned something else too – Partisan Hack of the Week.

On Sunday, Labour Minister Patty Hajdu responded to Jody Wilson-Raybould’s recording of a phone call with the Clerk of the Privy Council, telling CBC News that she felt it was deceptive, and unethical. Attacking Ms. Raybould Wilson’s character, however, has nothing to do with the accusations at the heart of the scandal. Thankfully, pundit Warren Kinsella called out Hajdu’s behaviour.

Nah, he didn’t — he just attacked her character. Thanks Warren.

Over at Maclean’s, senior writer Paul Wells let go of all perspective and embraced… Vietnam. Wells compared government political manoeuvring to the 1968 Tet offensive — a series of battles that left tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians dead and many more injured.

But don’t be offended — this is merely the Tet offensive of *Charter rights*. And besides, it’s not as though Mr. Wells referenced Hitler or the Nazis. For that we must turn to the carbon tax and an Twitter Troll Alberto Storelli:

As strong a contender as that Tweet is, this weeks Twitter Troll Badge goes to Jessica McEachern who clearly knows that sometimes, less is more: